X6 1045T Thuban 2.7GHz Stock Fan/Heatsink?

Will the stock fan and heatsink included with a X6 1045T Thuban 2.7GHz Socket AM3 be fine for mild graphic design and heavy gaming? Are there aftermarket fans that are just no brainers with cooling performance and reliability that i might as well just throw on there?
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  1. The fan is ok you can even get a mild OC from the stock but if you want to OC more seriously or plan on having it run at heavy load constantly consider a better fan. The CM 212+ is a good and cheapish option.
  2. that processor does get hot but only for some people. depends on case and ambient temp.
    but since after market coolers are pretty cheap it might be worth getting one just in case. look for review sites that compare a lot of them, and check for youtube videos that show how to install it. with the videos help they are all easy to install.
  3. I will also vote for the 212+ or 212 Evo.

    Cheap and easy to install. Can also fan any direction(so the heat fan be blown to the top fan or the rear fan depending on case) on the AMD platform. many can not do this.
  4. If your case will fit it, I will second the Cooler Master Hyper 212+. I you are lucky, you can catch it on sale for $25-30 USD. The stock cooler will just be OK, but it will be EXTREMELY noisy.
  5. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16835103065 ??
    im still deciding on a case >< im going big mid tower like
    so i hopefully will have room. My MB is a ASRock 990FX Extreme4 am3. Im looking around and there's alot of good reviews for arctic cooling and zalman fans, should i just troll through the reviews for compatibility? seems most fans just claim i5/i7 and a"generic" amd compatibility. I bought the cpu+mb for a combo deal was hoping the this x6 would be a solid chip at this price point (120cpu+120mb). I will assume my rig will have just stock fans but maybe i should get more serious about cooling.
  6. I'm going to give another vote for the 212. I use it for overclocking my i5, and it took me less than 10 minutes to install (didn't have to pull the mobo out with the case I use). Installation was simple and clean, and lowered my temps quite a bit under load.

    I put another fan on mine as well, using the included brackets for a push/pull configuration. Can't hear it run at all either.
  7. I give the nod to the 212+ as well. Not to contradict nukemaster but I would pass on the "evo" version of the 212 as it's gains are not worth the extra cost. You would be much better served by the standard 212+ coupled with some good thermal paste and a couple nice mid range low noise fans such as The coolermaster sickleflow 120 MM's in a push pull configuration.
  8. I have used the 212+ on some AMD systems without issues. As long as the heatsinks on the board are not taller then standard memory, if would not be an issue.

    The fan can be slid up a bit if you have taller memory, but low profile memory is still the best bet with most bigger coolers.

    I have used to 212+ in push/pull with the blade master(matching) fan with good results.
  9. ohh i need to check that im running 2x8gb CORSAIR Vengeance. they look pointy in the picture. though i only have two sticks atm i will expand later, maybe just use the farther slots for now.
  10. ok so what ive done so far:
    -i installed the cpu w/ stock heatsink and fan. the temps were acceptable at 45c though im not too sure for this chip.
    -i then installed a AC freezer 7 fan/heatsink (lucky it fits with big veng ram) but im still getting 45c .
    -im only checking temps via bios
    maybe im expecting too much from this chip and thats an ok temp range but i was hoping an aftermarket fan, may not be the best but well reviewed, large, and fits, would help.
  11. Get into windows, the cpu will clock down and the temperatures will drop.

    Or you can turn off fan control and make the fan spin faster, but to be honest, the board will try to keep the temperature in control(this may be why you see the same temperatures) on its own either way.

    Check some load temps in windows and see how it is doing.
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