Can my PSU run Radeon HD 6770?

I'm currently using Simbadda SZ-430WP4 as my power supply and as described on the model name, it has approximately 430 W, can I run Radeon HD 6770 with this power supply?
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  1. AMD specifices a minimum 450W PSU for the HD6770.

    The specs that I was able to track down for your 430W PSU are:
    3.3V = 20A
    5V = 14A
    12V1 = 14A
    12V2 = 13A
    Unfortunately, it doesn't state whether the rating is for peak or continuous load. If your PSU was a good quality unit, then I would say yes without hesitation. In this case, I will say that it may work with your current PSU.

    What are the rest of your system specs?
  2. system specs;

    Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo E7300 2.66 Ghz
    Mainboard: Abit 145D
    Memory: 1 stick of 2GB PC2-5300 DDR2
    VGA: Currently using Radeon HD4650, will upgrade to HD 6770 if available
    Harddisk: ST3250310AS 250 GB
    DVD-RW: Samsung TSSTcorp CDDVDW SH-S202J
    OS: Microsoft Windows XP SP3
  3. There is a few problem which I need to tell you...

    Since you're going to be upgrading your GPU, Windows XP and Memory may push your ATi 6770 back. Now, apart from that, I would recommend 550W PSU just to be safe and provide some head-room for your system. This is because, 6770 requires a dedicated 6 pin PCI-E connector (12V Rails). Also, please remember that quality of a power supply is not determined by how much wattage it provide but number of amperes on its +12V rail. Cheap local power supplies don't have sufficient amperes on their +12V rail just to support cards like HD 6770.
  4. I see, so looking at my specs, what do you think is the best VGA for my current system? Due to limited budget, I don't think there's anything I can replace apart from my VGA. What do you guys think of HD 6750?
  5. I would guess that the values that Rugger listed for your PSU are the maximum values, so I wouldn't try to run it at those specs for any length of time.
    What exactly is your budget? You may be able to buy an older used card and upgrade your PSU at the same time. If you don't mind staying with a 4XXX series card, you can usually get a 4870 for under $60. They seem to slightly outperform a 5770, so should be just below a 6770.
  6. I really do HATE to say this. But, it's more wise if you could save your money (for now) and get everything you need in one basket. So, please use what you have now and you can upgrade your system at a good time when you have necessary budget.
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    vince5190 said:
    I see, so looking at my specs, what do you think is the best VGA for my current system? Due to limited budget, I don't think there's anything I can replace apart from my VGA. What do you guys think of HD 6750?

    The 6770 does not require a lot of power; it has a power consumption at full load of around 90W Your HD4650 uses about 70W at full load If you're system is running stable with the HD 4650, then I would say that an HD 6770 upgrade would likely work. You will need a molex to 6-pin PCIe adapter cable to power the 6770; these adapter cables are usually included when you purchase a new video card.

    AMD specifies a minimum 500W PSU for the HD4870 with 32A on the 12V rail and (2) PCIe power cables. Your current PSU is not sufficient to run an HD 4870. Although the HD4870 and HD6770 have similar performance capability, the 6770's hardware is two generations newer than the 4870 and requires less power.

    BigJ: The 6770 is a re-badged 5770; same hardware, but additional features enabled. Their performance in games will be almost identical.

    Edit: PCs use a lot less power than most people think. Please notice that the link to the 6770 review indicated full load power consumption for the rig was 228W. The rest of the system was an overclocked Intel i7 965, 6GB of RAM and this configuration will draw more power than your E7300/2GB of RAM; the rest of the system was similar to yours. Your power draw will not likely exceed the 228W that the review site measured.
  8. It should run fine, I run a 5770 and a 6770 on 380W power supplies but they are a higher end Antec Earthwatts, but your system consumes less than either of mine.

    My system.
    Phenom II X4 965 overclocked to 3.8Ghz
    8Gb DDR3 memory 2x4Gb
    Radeon 5770
    1 Sata 500Gb HDD
    1 DVD drive
    2 120mm case fans

    Running BF3 this system only draws 230W from the wall, since you have a much more energy efficient processor(65W vs 125W+ extra for overclock), your PSU should handle it just fine.
  9. I see, i think i will just play it safe and upgrade my card to HD 6750 though, if this site is to be believed the power consumption is even less than HD 6770 with a significantly better performance than HD 4650.
  10. Whichever GPU you decide to get...Enjoy!
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