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I'm gonna buy the TX650M power supply. But Newegg says that this power supply got 2x 6+2 pin connectors. And let's say I want a GTX 560 Ti, This card needs 2x 6-pin connector. Will that work with 2x 6+2 pin connector without using a molex adapter?
Since I'm saving up for a Kepler GPU, And I heard rumors that the Kepler cards needs 2x 6-pin connectors.

I hope you can help me.

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  1. Yes will work verry good.
  2. Hello Firewood B B;

    The 6+2 connector is split so you can use just 6pins. Just tape or twist tie the extra 2 pins out of the way.
  3. This is what they look like:
  4. Thanks for all the answer, Lock this subject xD
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