Need help with CPU/Core temps.

If I boot into my bios, the CPU idles at about 36-38°C. Which is consistent in Hardware Monitor. Now, the core temps are all lower. Anywhere from 21-26 idle or under a light load.

I'm using the stock AMD heatsink and fan that came with the chip. I have 1 front 120mm fan pulling in. A side 80mm blowing out, and 2 back 80mm fans blowing out. To my best guess (there's no central ac in this room), the ambient temperature is around 25-28° celsius.

Here's a picture just running chrome, Core Temp and the hardware monitor.

And here's a picture with Prime95 putting a full-load on the CPU.

It took about 20-25 seconds for the core temps to drop back down to the "normal" reading. About a full 90 seconds for the CPU temp to come back down.

In case you miss it in the pics, it's an AMD Athlon II X3 460, running stock at 3.4ghz, with the stock cooler. I don't know a whole lot about computer temps. I just want to be sure I'm not letting it get too hot.
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  1. Is this really a question? You thought 102f was too hot?
  2. If I understand your question correctly, 39c is a very cool temperature, you have absolutely nothing to worry about.

    CPU's can take quite alot of heat, a safe temperature for most everyday users to stay below is 75c, you are well below that.

    You have alot of room to over-clock your CPU (increasing it's performance beyond stock speeds)
  3. You need to set a offset on Coretemp on 15 on a Athlon II x3 460
  4. your temp are good but if you want to lower a bit more those temp remove and put aftermaket cooling paste (mx4 ,artic silver or any well known brand)
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