Will this product work? URGENT


I need to know if this will work. It's for a school function. Need to order ASAP!
Need to hook a camera up to it to input video and audio to the computer to then livestream it.
Thank you very much for your help!
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  1. "This cable does not transfer data, it is only for viewing images"
  2. If it can view images wouldn't it give a signal to the pc? If it doesn't transfer data then it wouldn't transfer images.
  3. So if I can view images wont it show it on a program like Livestream Procaster? Or no?
  4. NO. the idea is to hook that into a TV. If you want to stream stuff from a video camera to a computer you need a firewire cable or usb cable, whatever the camera manual says you need.
  5. The point is that your laptop does not have a video input port.

    What you need is something like this to capture video onto your laptop.


    -Wolf sends
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