What are the best motherboards for laptops?

I am searching for an excellent, high-performance, but not exorbitant laptop motherboard. From my research, it seems that laptop motherboards need to have SODIMM memory slots.

I really liked this motherboard: http://www.theitdepot.com/details-Intel+Core+i7-3770+3.90+GHz+Processor_C30P14899.html

But it seems that it doesn't have SODIMM slots so it won't work for a laptop. Could anybody recommend some good laptop motherboards, I really couldn't find any reviews of them anywhere :(
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  1. your not going to find a review on just the mobo. Its not like you can go out and buy one off the shelf.
  2. OK, (I'm quite a noob at this stuff) but can't you buy a laptop mobo just like you can buy a desktop mobo> :??:
  3. Your going to need to start over from the beginning. Virtually all laptop motherboards are proprietary. There is no single standard for laptop "sized" motherboards or parts. Laptops vary in size and shape its likely we never will see a MB standard for them.

    I guess the question we should be asking is *why* you are looking for a motherboard for a laptop in the first place? Do you have a broken one your fixing or were you intending to build one yourself? If your building one yourself I would suggest checking with Dell or Alienware or similar. Most brands have a pretty extensive selection of laptop models and you can spec them out exactly like you need. If your trying to fix a broken one then your going to need an exact model number. And my suggestion is you get someone to help you replace it hands on because there are lots and lots of tiny parts that are easy to lose and easy to break (or simply forget where they go.. and using a screw slightly longer then it was supposed to be and sometimes be quite bad!).

    Hopefully that's helpful!
  4. Thanks for your help but I need a bit more. To answer your question, I am building my own laptop. What I didn't understand was that since desktop motherboards are widely available, why aren't laptop motherboards? From what I searched, laptop motherboards have the smaller SODIMM memory slots, but no other major difference. So why aren't hey available? Can I use a DIMM memory in my laptop?

    I have mentioned the motherboard I liked above, can I use it with my laptop? The laptop can be as fat as say, the Alienware m14x. Thanks for your time and please reply.
  5. how are you building one. laptop mobos are not built to a certain spec like a desktop. they are all different in the way they connect everything. So if you have a dell laptop case you cant put a toshiba board in it cause the keyboard monitor will not connect the same way.
  6. To simplify, I'll answers to your questions (IE, each sentence ending with a question mark) here you go:

    They simply are not available.
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