Is it safe to toggle UEFI on and off? The warning screen that pops up is unclear on this point.

I got a new computer that has UEFI. This is an annoyance as this is just a hobby computer that I will install and remove hardrives and operating systems at will on. I can turn UEFI off now and that would make my operating system unbootable. That's fine if I can get it back as needed.

So can I play with this thing or is that dangerous?
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  1. I wouldnt do that. Just leave the UEFI alone and install OS's all you want.
  2. I can't really do that.

    My old hardrive contains data that I would like to have. Putting it in the new one prevents the new computer from booting. The old computer was taken out by lightning. The harddrive is fine but it looks like I would need to reformat the drive to even use it for data.

    The path to installing linux isn't clear. Currently I don't think it can be done under UEFI.

    I have to either turn off UEFI or toggle it. The question is is it safe to toggle UEFI?

    I'm leaning heavily toward turning it off in the long run because even toggling it I would have to disconnect the other drives when it is toggled on. But in the short run if I can toggle it I can get access to old drives and check out how linux runs on this machine without making a permanent decision yet.
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