New HW and overclocking: Help

New: Bought 10/12/2011
CPU: I7 2600K
MB: MSI P67A-GD65 (B3)
GPU: MSI N560GTX-TI Twin Frozer
SSD: 120 GB: OCZ Agility 4
RAM: 4 GM DDR3 with GEIL Cyclone Cooling
Mouse: RAT 9 Gaming mouse

Optical Drive: Blue Ray LG CH10
HDD: 3x7200rpm in RAID 5 for data (onboard RAID)
External Storage : 4TB various USB drives: 2TB on USB2/2TB on USB 3
Monitors: Dual Samsung Syncmaster 2233
Audio: G35 Headphones
Case: Coolermaster Cosmos 1000
PSU: 650 W
(Can privide more details if needs be)

So here are my questions:

Windows 7: Home premium 64bit
1. SSD is not big enough to store all data -obviously ;-):
a. I want to set system parameters such as MSOCache and windows downloads as well as all temp files created to the Raid config and not have them on the SSD (these things grow quite quickly. so any ideas on what and where to set them?)
2. Main Purpose for the PC is Gaming. When I'm not gaming it streams video and audio to the rest of the house via WIFI: PC is wired to WIFI router other devices are wireless only. How do I enhance Gaming performance of games I play using the SSD (caching etc) and for the games I don't use that often move that to the RAID:
a. Played daily --> AION
b. Played infrequently --> GW/RIFT/Starcraft
3. How do I transfer my ITunes library the easiest as well as make a copy of my current RAID Drive (current boot drive) to external storage (file copy) so I can access all my photos and videos etc. I am afraid that changing the MB will mean the RAID goes down and I lose the data. Also do I have to convert the RAID set to Dynamic disk if I want to have a hope of importing it on a clean install on the new HW config.
4. I have never really played with over clocking before so need some advice. The CPU is unlocked. The MB and GPU has good write-ups on over clocking and I want to get the best out of my gaming performance. any ideas how I can start on this? Also I need some advice on a cooling system for the CPU.
a. Have never done liquid cooling before so was wondering if the Corsair H40 is a reasonable option or should I go for the H100.
b. Up till now I have used the Prolimatech Super Mega or similar with Dual Fans attached that are super silent. All HDDs and optical drives are also sound insulated and Case fans where necessary has been replaced with quieter options. I do NOT want to compromise on noise levels if at all possible and still get a bit more bang out of the processor. Also Considering the Cooler Master V8 as the dB production is lower.
Side Notes:
Budget CPU cooling solution max € 150,00
Primary Requirements:
1. Optimize gaming performance on extended Gaming sessions ( 6-8 hrs)
2. Quiet as possible operations
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  1. Find the cpu multiplier setting (may be accessable only in manual mode) and try a modest change. If the default is 34, try 42 to begin with. What is your brand and model number of the power supply? If you're running dual monitors, then your ps may be marginal and you won't want to push the overclock too high. I wouldn't get a water cooler just yet. You may want more juice in your ps first.
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