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My board does not support CPU temp programs so I bought a cheap external thermometer with a sensor probe. I'm looking for the best place to attach the probe for the most accurate readings. I was thinking at the rear of the exhaust fan or directly in one of the heat sink fins. Any suggestions? Thanks
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  1. Closest to the cpu-core as you can.
  2. Thanks for the help. Just a follow up question, after running the computer all night the heat sink is warm to the touch but not burning. Theres a few capacitors next to the cpu that are extremely hot. Are those things normally hotter than the cpu and would putting the probe by them give a more realistic temp reading?

    im gonna pick up another case fan and try to coolm them off.
  3. Yep, they can get toasty, I would normally suggest you think about adding an exhaust fan on the rear of the case, but as you already have one covered by a cpu shroud your out of luck.

  4. Right next to the heatsink, but you don't want it to be near any dram modules or gpu's as those will obstruct your temps.
  5. ditto Correon... I also have probe, I've set it right beside my cpu wedged under the heat sink(contact with both). My pc supports core temps; when comparing prob at idle(29c vs 36c)/load(39c vs 45c) about the 5-7 degrees lower than program, case temp 25c. Beware as it fluctuates depending on temp in side case. Cooler in winter and hotter in summer.
  6. Thanks for the help. Mine was one of the 4700'S that shipped with the fan blowing air in. when i upgraded the cpu i turned the fan around and added a second fan blowing over the heatsink. I had also put a fan on my hdd but removed it as the drive was staying cold- 20-25c. With out the fan the drive stays around 30c and under heavynuse it goes to the 35 area.

    Im just trying toget a read on the cpu incase i need a another or bigger exhaust fan.
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