Cheap Overclock i5 Motherboard

Hi guys,

Im looking for a cheap motherboard that allow overclock for a i5 3570k. Below USD$100

And a motherboard for the same processor with a good HDaudio. Below $100 too.

Hope can help me.
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  1. Hi. There are a few Z77 under $100 (2 from ASRock and the rest MSI) and they all have the Realtek HD audio codec ALC892 and one with ALC887 (MSI Z77A-G41).
  2. get the asrock pro3 z77/z68 and buy a Xonar DGX or DG

    on-board audio will never be any where near as good as discrete.
  3. MSI Z77A-G41 $94 w/Deus EX Game

    Msi G43 $94
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