2.37 V on the +12V ?!?!

It's been down there for a while now, the curiosity finally overcame me. Couldn't find much on google about it, people were complaining about it being extremely low at 10V. I kind of figured it had to be a buggy reading, thought it would be impossible for a computer to function if it were correct.

This is a pretty old desktop and you can see all the values are low showing the PSU is past it's time, but 2.3V is just ridiculous.

Anyone got some input?
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  1. Yes it's incorrect and it wouldn't work if it were true.
  2. That monitoring tool is unable to interpret the sensor chip signal output properly.

    Use a better monitoring tool.
  3. I have the same problem with HWM, VCORE seems to be the only accurate voltage.
  4. Check the voltage on BIOS. All the monitoring tools(HWMonitor, OTCC, Speedfan, etc.) report between 8 to 10 V on the +12V in my computer, but the BIOS shows 11.9xx. This system has been running without problem for the past 6 months with heavy load.
  5. On my ASUS P8Z68-V PRO motherboard this is what I see on two different monitoring utilities:

    HWMonitor PRO 1.13.0

    AIDA64 Extreme Edition

    The AIDA64 Extreme Edition voltage readings match exactly what the ASUS AI Suite II monitor tool reports.
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