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First computer build yet - compatabilty

okay i found a computer build here that i saw and fit into my budget. After 3 nights of research and a couple of hours of videos, I learned quite a bit. I have like 50 bucks more than the budget so i wanted to upgrade to a different memory card and motherboard from the build i found, but now I'm worried about compatibility.

The video card is
the hdd
the OD
the psu
the processor is going to be
the memory based of the reviews and research is

now for motherboard, which of the three is best bang for its buck/compatible?

I'm pushing my budget here to the dollar... please try to keep it all in the same price range.

P.s. its 3:30 am and I'm extremely tired so excuse my typing. Also thanks in advance for your help, I can't find a way to repay you for your time. Thanks again.
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    Don't cheap out on the hard drive - you really don't want it to fail.

    I'd look at an Antec earthwatts psu; it'll be more reliable than that model, as it's not the 'fixed' v2.

    I'd look at getting the ivy bridge Pentium instead; it'll be a fair bit faster. (If you do that and go with the AsRock board, you're golden.)
  2. Do not buy a 500gb hdd you can get a 1tb drive for few more bucks.
  3. Yeah after talkin to an old buddy I'm gonna go with AMD, seems like a better deal. I also did make an improvements on the HDD.

    thanks guys
  4. Don't go with AMD, your buddy must be smoking the good stuff

    the G860 is much better and it means you can upgrade to i3/i5/i7 down the line without getting a new motherboard!
  5. well the revision is all here

    i decided to go with amd and am3+ mobo so i can upgrade down the line. I'm getting the 6core wich has near perfect reviews (being a beginner my foundation are reviews)

    I'm maxed out budget wise at this point i'm trying to find cut backs - but i think il stick it out and go the extra dollar with this.
    at 550 after rebates i'm $50 over and $80 before rebates so it's gona be tough. but i did get a 6core 3.3ghz and an 4 slot am3+ motherboard so the lifespan is pretty good for me.
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