NVidia 470 SLI heat issues looking to upgrade.

I currently have 2 Nvidia 470 in SLI format.

I am looking to upgrade to one card (due to heat issues with the SLI).

Do you have any cost effective ($400 or less) ideas?

Thank you.
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  1. Have you looked at a better cooling option for your set up?
  2. Cant you remove one of the 470s and check the temperatures?

    I wouldnt have thought just 2 470s in sli would be giving you that much of an issue with heat.
  3. Go for a GTX 570
  4. This is the case / PC that I have.


    Just imagine 2 video cards, they run at max fan and around 89c while playing the BF3 beta.

    Should I go NVidia or go ATI, I have heard two sides from multiple friends / gaming buddies.
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