yes starcraft is

Starcraft is the goat
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  1. starcraft is the goat
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  2. Hi :)

    I own computer shops in the UK...

    That computer is cheap, nasty and wont play games well, if at all....AVOID....

    I wouldnt even sell it in my shops even if we reconditioned it :(

    All the best Brett :)
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  3. Looks like it's made out of the cheapest parts. It might be o.k for office work, but you're not going to be happy doing any gaming. First of all the on board GPU is pretty darn weak. The weak PSU doesn't give you too many options for adding a dedicated GPU without replacing it. While that CPU should be o.k on Wow with a decent GPU, you probably won't be able to get more out of it by overclocking on that board. Also, it does not include an OS so you either have to have one you can install or buy that separate. You could always use linux but getting games to run in Wine is a bit of a pain ^_^
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  4. What's your budget?
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  5. You will need to purchase and install an operating system since one is not included and as Brett cautioned, it's best to avoid this "deal" anyway. Save your money for something better.
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  6. starcraft is the goat
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  7. Yeah that's a heck of a lot better. Of course as for how good an option it is that just depends on the price.
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