Asus P8H67-I Deluxe + AXP-140 + EVGA GTX 570HD

Hello guys,

My Craptac Z68 ITX board fried this morning, and while I am definitely going to raise the hell all over them, I decided that I've learned my lesson that there really is no stable and highly acclaimed Z68 itx board right now, and I found that I am just fine not overclocking anyway. So, I'm going back to H67. Plus, I need minimum downtime as I'm leaving for a trip abroad in couple of days.

I am really liking Asus P8H67 deluxe, for all the features it has (basically everything Zotac Z68 has except for OC), and for my personal like over Asus. But I don't know how this card really perform, the limited number of objective online review by users seem to indicate that it's OK at least. So firstly what do you guys think about this board?

Secondly, I'm going to utilize what I have -- AXP-140 and EVGA GTX 570 HD. They fit fine on Zotac board, but I don't know if P8H67's CPU socket is closer to the PCI slot compared to Zotac. Hopefully not, as the card is already pretty close to the cooler right now on the Zotac board.

I would really avoid getting a new cooler, as getting this new board will already be costing me a good amount of fortune.. (also have to get some fast lappy memory for the board, which adds up to like $200+) Had I known my Z68 was going to fry, and cause me to go back to H67, I would've got Samuel instead of AXP140......

I've searched around using my miserable laptop, but only found people using AXP140 with Asrock board, or P8H67 with smaller cooler. So I'd appreciate your opinion and input here.

BTW, I saw Asrock H67 itx is so popular, should I go with that instead of Asus?

Again, many thanks in advance.
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  1. evga gtx should be fitt on asus.
  2. Thanks for your reply! Somehow I just got email notification :(

    Do you know why such a function rich board is less popular than Asrock's and Gigabyte's board? Which one would you prefer?

    Thank you!
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