Please help Upgrading Graphics card CM5570 Asus


I currently have a

And im looking to get a
Besides upgrading power supply, what else do i need for this graphics card to work? I currently have a nvidia GT 220 and its just not enough.
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  1. Thanks man but anything else needed?

    Im confused on this PCI-e thing.

    Nvidia says i need PCI-e 2.0 x 16
    My computer has 1x PCI-e x 16
    1x PCI-e x 1
  2. Pentium(R) Dual Core CPU @ 2.60 GHz
  3. Ok and the processing is good enough? what i just posted?
  4. 1980 x 1050 is my resolution...Im sorry, i dont quite understand the "bottleneck 560Ti"..what do you mean? I need something else other than a new power supply?
  5. Ok so the best graphics card my computer can handle, is the 6870?
    And just wondering, the 550 ti will struggle meaning its not good enough for 1080? or my computer isnt good enough?
  6. I was just trying to stay with a nvidia product..because i have loved them in the past..the 550ti wont work because of my higher resolution, and the 560ti wont work because my CPU is too slow for it, so the only solution is not to go with nivida for the best i can handle?
  7. Well the 220$ of 560 TI + my around 60$ of power supply was the price i was aiming for..i was hoping my computer could handle a graphics card of the 560 TI calibre
  8. So around 300$
  9. I was told in the store today that anything less than a 560 TI would not be considered an "elite" gaming card of today, is this true?
  10. New psu...probably atleast 500w is good, and thats around 60$ from the one u suggested...

    Im sorry but what how much is a gpu? because the video card u posted, 6870, is 180.

    So its under 300$
  11. Ah cool, So say i wanted to spend more than that, theres no better nvidia graphics card i can get ? If i were to get the 500w power supply. Your saying my computer wouldnt handle it?

    The resolutions of nvidia cards states that it goes up to 2500x1650..dont see how my monitor wouldnt work, you know more than i do though..
  12. Sorry if im driving you nuts lol, i dont know much and just trying to learn as much as i can.
  13. Guess you arent there anymore..thanks for you help anyway.
  14. I cant double my budget, but that 500 W for 60$ should do fine, now what are my video card choices for that?
    you Said my cpu would bottleneck the 560 ti, so is 6870 the best i can do? Say price wasnt an issue for the card, whats the best besides 6870 that my cpu will handle?

    Sorry about the double post btw, didnt mean to do that. New to the site and didnt realize it went through.
  15. Wow, so, cheaper card will actually outperform the more expensive one due to my to know.

    One last question, you showed me a great 500w box to power that video card, is it bad that im going with the "minimum" req?
  16. Thanks for all your help! much appreciated :)
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