Corsair 600T vs 650D

The 600T (White) vs 650D?

Which of these would be good for a clean and sleek build? Nothing to fancy like water cooling. :pt1cable:
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  1. Whichever you like more. ;)
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    I like the 650 better . They have the same fan set up other than led / no led and the window vs mesh side .. Guess for me it comes down to aesthetics. Either would give you a clean build and if ya wanted too I believe the 200 mm locations will accept dual 120 mm or dual 140 if ya did want a closed loop cpu cooler ala h 100 .. good luck :)
  3. I almost bought the 650 before i saw the 300R, if you want a mean black case the 300R is awesome. doesn't come with all the bells and whistles the 650 note the price difference.
  4. The 300R is impressive for that price, but some people might want a side window. :)
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