Same model Enermax PSU, different connectors?

Hi, and thanks for your help up front...

I brought the beast out of retirement to grab some old files and sure enough, my PSU died when I tried to fire it up. I originally built my computer way back in '02 (I know, lost cause), but wanted to see if I could recover the files and maybe set it up for my kids to beat on and not care about. So, I decided to pick up an identical model Enermax EG365P-VE power supply for $28 and life would be good...unfortunately when I cracked open the box, the PSU that was sent to me only had one 12-pin, one 4-pin square, and one 4-pin flat power connector. My computer is set up to require a whole lot more (probably at least 4 minimum) 4-pin flat connectors.
(The old power supply is on the left, and has a helluva lot more flat 4-pin connectors)

What am I missing? Do I need to just get a converter and run a bunch more lines off the single flat 4-pin (in serial)? I assume that technology changes in motherboards and hard drives now has desktops running a different power configuration, but I'm wondering if I might be able to make this new one work for me somehow.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. Those appear to be 2 different PSUs (obviously, huh?). From what I can tell reading the nameplates, they don't even have the same specs. (Hard to tell for sure in the pics... pretty tiny) Maybe you can take a better close up of the two nameplates to be sure... or verify for me the voltage ratings.
  2. Yeah, the model number is exactly the same but the PSU connectors are different coming out of it. I checked the voltages and they appear to be the same. Can I just daisy chain a bunch of 4-pin flat connectors together off of the one that comes out of the PSU to power my hard drives and other peripherals (i.e. add 2 1-to-4 splitters)? Or are you not supposed to do that?

  3. The one with fewer connectors looks like an OEM version of that PSU model.

    OEM versions will be customized for a specific system configuration. Leaving out connectors and cables lowers the cost to the OEM customer and reduces cable clutter inside the computer case.
  4. That's why I was trying to read the PSU nameplate specs in your pic. It's important you don't exceed the nameplate current for the +12V and the +5 volt circuits. Yes, you can get a Y splitter and run more than one device from the single Molex you have available. What are the +12V and +5 volt amperage ratings on the two power supplies.
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    airwee said:

    That looks plenty sufficient to split your single Molex (4 pin flat) connector into 2 or more. One caveat however... you don't want to overload the wire size that the original Molex is fed with. I can't see that happening with 2, 3, or even 4 drives. But don't add more devices to the Molex chain than you need. I believe most HDDs draw about 1.5 - 2 A at start up and much less when running.
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