My monitor blinks with mixed and Checkered colors and system hangs

my monitor blinks with mixed and Checkered (plaid) colors and system hangs for a few seconds then after a few seconds it happens again
what's the problem?
my system specifications is:
M.B: Asus P8P67
CPU: Corei7 2600k
V.G.A: xfx 5970 black edition 2g
power: thermaltake 600w
ram: 4g+4g 1600 apacer gold
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  1. mouse pointer will work and right click options are also available after blink
    but launcher is absent too
  2. thanks for the reply my vga is for 3 years ago and yes i have overclocked bothe cpu and vga but i'm runing the system as default optimize but there is still the problrm
  3. i was using a 1500w power before and i'm using the 600w now for the first days there was no problem and i overclocked the cpu by bios and it reached to 4993 mhz but now that it's set to the 3.4 ghz i'm still having the problem
  4. and i was ocerclocked the gpu too and now it's set to default and i was using the overvolt tool too
  5. i can test a more powerfull power but i was using the 600w and i gived 200w to cpu by bios in the time iwas overclocking it and that was working good but now cpu spends just 120 w power
  6. when i don't use the overvolt tool in amd catalyst center it won't show my gpu heat
  7. do you recomend to use a better power?
    and is there any good software to test hardwares?
  8. thanks for your answers and i must say i have played run for 1 hour in this circumestances with no problem
  9. is ADA64 a hardware?
  10. thanks and can you give me the link for ADA i can't find it
  11. thanks a lot i'll use this softwares to test hardwares but how i can be sure the problem is from the hardware (blue screen?
  12. where in the aida i can test the power?
  13. is there possible a virus can do this?
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  15. Give us the voltage readings that Aida says, also do what recon says and run those programs, keep an eye on temps.
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