WinFast DTV2000 DS Problems....

Hey, ive recently purchased a lot of a computer parts to build and a computer and its all built now apart and everything works apart from two things, 1 which is the main problem, my new dtv2000 ds wont work, it doesnt even show up in device manager nd when i attempted to install drivers, it said it wasnt inside the computer which obviously it was... so if anyone knows why this is and could lend me some advice, it would be awesome. And my second problem which is minior is my ipod isnt recongised when i plug it in, and ive tried all ports, well technically it is recognised by only in device manager, but in my computer nd itunes it doesnt show up, i was thinking that it mite be a driver problem so i was gonna reinstall them, if anyone has advice on that too it would be awesome thanks. Just incase you need details, my motherboard is an AsRock Extreme4 Gen 3 and my processor is an i7 2600k. Thanks in advance :)
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  1. Hey man, did you ever get the DTV 2000ds going? I have had a similar problem on a ASRock FX 990, running the FX 8150 8 core. I have tried every fix on the net with it still not appearing in the device manager. Hopefully someone works out a solution to this. I bought a second card cause i thought the original had died but am having the same problem with both.

    Both cards have been tested in another machine, running the same version of windows. (ultimate 7, 64 bit), the PCI slot has been tested with a wireless adaptor card.

    I have contacted both ASRock and Leadtek with them both being helpful and told me different things to try but with no luck. ASRock even tried the card in the same MOBO and sent me a screen shot of it displayed in the device manager.

    If anyone out there has a solution to this it be greatly appreciated.
  2. nah i didnt mate, i just put it down to like a compatability error between asrock nd winfast, now i just got it sitting at home. Just looking for another good quality card to get
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