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I really need some help with this issue. I newly built a computer last night, AMD Phenom x4 965 black edition, 550w ultra 80% PSU, MSI 760G. Anyways when i first started up the computer, the motherboard would post, and I see the MSI logo on my screen. I am not able to enter the bios, and when it gets past the motherboard screen I get an error message like this.

!!! x64 EXCEPTION TYPE !!! 00000000003 RFLAGS

I have no Idea what to do about this problem, because i cant tell if its motherboard or cpu or hard drive related. Thanks in advance for the help.

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  1. Run memtest86. Sounds like memory problem or cpu problem.
  2. zdbc13 said:
    Run memtest86. Sounds like memory problem or cpu problem.

    Haven't been able to install windows yet because of this problem, thanks for the reply though
  3. Memtest86 doesn't need windows, just download it on another pc and burn a cd.
  4. start with making sure the bios is updated for the mb it may not have all the cpu/ram code it needs yet.
  5. so I took out the memory, put it back in, took out the gpu, worked fine and installed windows 7, put graphics card back in, x64 Exception error again? Could it be compatibility with the graphics card or is it DOA?
  6. What graphic card do you have? Did you install drivers?
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