Psu for my build. first homebuilt

okay guys so i'm looking to game [bf3, skyrim] currently on one 720p tv looking to upgrade to 3 high res monitors in the future so want room to xfire.

at the moment using the stock case fan config with maybe minor o.c., will upgrade to the best possible fans [noise not a factor] in the future with major o.c. Don't know much about gpu o.c. but may look into it.

I'm running with the haf-x case although ambient temp can be consistently greater than 40 degrees c in summer. so pretty much i have most of my build sorted just unsure of PSU and fan config. I would like to stay with reputable brands for the psu and don't know much about case fans.

the rest of my system will consist of;

crucial m4 64gb

xfx 6970 2gb w/dirt 3

corsair vengance lp white 2x4gb 1600mhz 9-9-9-24 1.35v

noctua nh-d14


asus p8z68

cm haf-x

optical drive seems inconsequential

obviously tiger direct is the preferred website as it has great shipping to aus. but any australian site or amazon should suffice.
thanks heaps for any advice on fans or a psu
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  1. 3 high res monitors? Like, 5760x1080?

    Sir.. for BF3 even 2x 6970 can't stand for this in maximum settings.

    As per this review:

    In crysis warhead, to ensure a good experience you need 3-way 6970.. considering BF3 is more demanding than crysis.. you know what to expect don't you?

    Shouldn't you look for a mobo that supports 3 VGAs?
  2. may drop it down to two high res monitors then. probably wouldn't run on ultra settings just high
  3. I wuld recommend a modular 850W+ psu from either antec or corsair, but avoid xfx and ocz as ive heard bad things about them.
  4. i've actually heard that those four and enermax are the best but have decided on a corsair anyway. thanks
  5. As said above, 850w PSU would be recommended for CF 6970's.

    Recommended brands for PSU include: Corsair, XFX, SeaSonic, Antec.

    A modular PSU design would also be recommended due to the large number of cables these higher wattage PSU's have.

    Multi monitor gaming - 2 monitors generally isn't generally recommended because right in the middle of the screen is the black edging on the monitors. 1 or 3 is generally considered better to avoid this. Playing a shooter game for example the crosshair of the gun would be split with half on each screen making this quite awkward. With 3 monitors or 1 monitor, the crosshair would remain in the middle (centred). ~ if that makes sense :lol: ?
  6. thank you for making me think of that lol. would have felt a little illy if i had of gone with 2 lol
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