Modding old case, no usb, suggestions?

hi, been modding a 12-13 year old case i plan to use for my new computer soon (well, more a new/old hybrid) and it is looking pretty good for how much jerry rigging and makeshift mod work i had to do, (cheap bbq paint, old reused 80mm fans i cleaned up, 3" hole saw, etc) large improvementrs to be honest, it looks much less old, no more stained, tan color and one dusty intake fan (with almost no place to get air from either, i had to REdrill the holes in the front which werent drilled all the way through for som ereason) but theres one main problem, other than my running out of fans lol, it had no usb port. i used a usb 1.0 port connector from another old case, this one an hp, but i looked at the motherboard i was planning to get and it doesnt have th same connectors, who woulda thought.. well, i only have 2 different front usb cables and niether will fit, (i got the hp one to look great, it fit perfectly in my unused 3.5" bays)

so, there is the problem, i dont really want to do all this modding and make the case looking good and have to jerry rig an ugly usb cable extender to the top of the case like i had to with my grandparents computer for their card reader. anyone have a good way of a. routing a long, usable usb extender through the INSIDE of the case, and then mount it on the front, maybe in the old usb mount since it already fits, without it going outside the case (maybe plugging it into a usb port in back then drilling a hole to feed it through? or b. know where i can get an actual internal usb enclosure that will fit a modern mobo/ usb? also if there is any similar solution for the missing audio ports in front it would be helpful lol

thanks, MG.
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    Theres a great way to get front panel connectors.
  2. that would probably do the trick, no audio though, and im going to run out of places to hide all my fugly fan cords lol, i was going to hide them in my top 5.25" slot and then use the middle for dvd, bottom for fan controller. what catagory was that in? if i can find a smaller 3.5" one with just usb 2.0 and audio that would be great and i could get rid of the makeshift port i have now. (its old and if i dont have something in the empty 3.5" slot then ill have to stick a spray painted floppy drive in there lol i hate the empty hole it would leave.
  3. holy crap only ones i have seen are like 40$! lol im using old case for a reason, i guess the fans could run strait on power supply but man this thing will roar if they do, ill figure something out but if anyone happens to know a good one of those add ons for a 3.5" bay at a reasonable price suggestions are still plenty welcome lol

    why didnt i think of these lol?
  4. ^ those are card readers i need audio and usb ports. but ty for the suggestion lol
    I've used this in a previous build for a client. It doesn't have USB 3.0, but at least everything plugs into the motherboard. No running cables to the back to plug into it I/O panel.
  6. i think i found one btu some reviews had issues with sound clarity, oh well my old desktop had that too lol u could hear sounds from the hdd running, even the cpu working would make wierd noises, same with moving the mouse, you get used to it i guess. wont use it much anyway. ill probably just hook up speakers to the back audio, i mostly just need it for the mic, but anyway, i think i found one that will work. i dont want anything fancy anyway..
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