Computer lag & freezing issue

As of recent my desktop computer has been having a lag/freezing issue.

When i am using my computer normally which includes things such as using the web browser and other non fullscreen applications, I tend to get a strange lag/freeze when i try to switch between them. For example i will try to open my web browser and it will not respond for a couple of seconds and take longer to maximise or open then it shuld.

When i am gaming playing something such as Battlefield 3 or Saints Row 3, the game will run normally for a time normally 20 or so minutes then it will begin to lag or stutter and normally after this happens for a while the computer freezes and i have to manually reboot.

I have already tried everything i can in windows such as cleaning the registry, reinstalling drivers, testing my memory and hdd etc. but the problem still sustains.

Here are my specs:
OS: Windows 7 64bit
GPU: Gigabyte Nvidia GTX580
CPU: Intel i5 2500
Ram: 4GB of Kingston ram
PSU: Corshair 600watt

I would really appreciate any help i am still unsure of what the problem is.
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  1. I use CoreTemp with the grapher add-on. Let us know what your CPU temperatures are over time.
  2. The CPU temp generally runs at 40-55 degrees Celsius for 15 or so minutes then drops down to 30-40 for 15 or so minutes and repeats this over and over again. This is when i am not gaming
  3. That's on the warm side, but nothing to worry about. I thought that cooling might be your problem, but it looks like not. The beauty of the grapher is that you can leave it running while you game and see where the temps were when it choked.

    It does look like something is running in the background, though. Virus scan, see what you can see in ControlPanel>AdministrativeTools>EventViewer, look for fishy services under your username in Task Manager, experiment with stopping fishy services and apps in msconfig, disable fishy services in services.msc---the usual housekeeping. Malwarebytes finds stuff others don't.
  4. well i was going to reninstall windows eventually to see if that was the problem, and if it isnt fixed its hardware. My computer has no current viruses or threats now thought maybe it has in the past and they damaged windows or something (if they can do that). Thanks for the help
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