Upgrading from 7-year-old 300W PSU

hi, my system has been crashing a bit since I put my DVD drives in (the screen turns kind of yellow and looks like a ATSC channel with poor reception), and I think it's due to insufficient power. I'll remove some stuff to get me by for now, but I used this calculator thing and found out that I am probably over. I'll post my results as a PDF.
APEX 10-bay Case
Some 300W PSU that was stock in an HP m7160n Media Centre PC
AMD Phenom II X6 1035T 2.60GHz
2x4GB PNY Optima DDR3 RAM 1333MHz
Caviar 7200rpm 250GB HDD
Conexant Falcon II NTSC TV Tuner
Samsung SuperWriteMaster DVD+RW
Phillips DVD-ROM
Nvidia GeForce GT440
Agere PCIsoft Modem
Ralink Wireless G PCI card

USB/PS2 Devices:
Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse 3500
HP Multimedia Keyboard
Bluetooth Reciever
HP iPAQ h5455
PlayStation Eye
Media Center Remote IR Reciever

Windows 7 Home Premium x64

I have an ATI WonderTV HD 600 PCI-e x1 card coming in the mail, and I'm looking to take out that modem and put in an IDE controller in the near future.

I'll be needing more power sometime, and I need to get it as cheap as possible. I can buy at Amazon or, if necessary, Best Buy.
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  1. You really don't need much. As you said, you want it as cheap as possible, but your error doesn't really sound like a bad PSU. I'm not the most experienced here, but don't buy a PSU until you take the drives out and make sure it all works like it originally did. Here's my recommendation:


    Edit: Also, when you say crashing, do you mean BSODs or just turning off or something else?
  2. Corsair CX430V2
  3. the video gets all scrambled, then goes black and the whole thing freezes. it has recovered from that once, but that's it.
  4. Doesn't really sound like a PSU problem. Revert back to the setup you were using before it started going funky and make sure it runs perfectly. If that's the case, throw in the CX430V2 or the CX500V2.
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