BIOS reset issue

I was having an issue with display with one of my cards so I decided to prioritize integrated graphics in BIOS. I changed this setting using PCIe graphics from an older yet functioning card, and after boot integrated graphics gave no output and of course, I was locked out of displaying through the functional card.

So to combat this I tried to clear CMOS with hope that the video setting will be set to 'AUTO' as supposed to integrated graphics. I removed the battery for well over an hour, and also moved the CMOS jumpers to the reset position for 15 seconds and back again.

I still cannot get an output from my graphics card (functional one), and I now I feel as if there isn't any other way of getting output from it. The PC is running in the background but with a blank screen.

Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks.
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  1. Ok I solved it. I had to reset it by powering on the machine with the CMOS jumper in the reset position, and then restarting it with it in its original position.
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