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I am a bit confused here. I read all over the place 100 meters is an acceptible distance to run cat 5. However I am only running 40 to 50 feet. I run a 6 foot cable from my modem to my router where I run 40 to 50 feet to a pc at my entertainment center. I also run 30 feet up to another pc and run 3 wireless connections at diferent times, No connectivity problems with any of them. The wired connections are at 100mbps. I bought a Blue Ray player and connected it with the 40 to 50 foot cable and had no connection. First it said it couldnt get an ip so I manually configured it. Then it said gateway ping failed, Wich i found out simply means the player couldnt ping or connect to the router. nor could I ping the player from any of my other pc's. I thought the player to be bad so I returned it and bought a different brand. It had the same problem. So I started to experiment. I tried a different router, no luck there. I took the router out of play, no luck there. I moved the router to the other end of the cable and it would not connect. However the pc and a laptop would connect through the same cable. I then uncoiled a 100 foot cable and tested it. To my surprise neither pc nor the router would connect through a mere 100 feet. Keep in mind I did these tests both straight from the modem and with the modem connected by 6 feet of cable to a router then cabled with the longer cables all with the same results as I stated above. I am at a loss as there is no interference from anything to the cable as I can see it as the cables were run on top of the carpet and there is nothing but wood and air under the floor. aglso it was done with 2 different cables. Like I said I am at a loss, any help would be great.
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  1. Sounds like you have done a decent amount of trouble shooting.

    Try using the router, and a short "known good port and cable". There is a slim possibility that RFI/EMI is playing a factor here... The players might be more sensitive to this than a normal pc/laptop. Seems like you have done everything but move the player to the other side of the room. Cant hurt to try...

    Best of luck!
  2. I have moved the player to the room with the modem and router and on a 6 foot cable it connects right up no problems. Whats weird to me is when I move the router to the end of two different known good cables of 45 feet and 100 the router fails to connect to the modem directly. 3 different routers were used in this particular test. They all failed to connect to the modem. However if the router stays close to the modem connected by 6 feet, then I run the longer cables to the pc it connects, but if I put another router out there or just plug in the player neither will connect to the router by the modem or just the modem if i run the cables directly to it. I have almost pulled all ou my hair out. I think I am going to be bald by the end of the day.
  3. its hard for me to beleive no one has anything to add or has seen anything like this befor.
  4. Hi,

    I have a similar problem,

    I have a Belkin Modem/Router with connections via wireless and ethernet. My main pc is connected by about 12 feet of cable with no problems. My Xbox is connected with ethernet under the floor by about 30 feet of cable with no problems. I have 2 cables running to my office in the workshop and each is approx 90 feet, i put my laptop down there today and connected up one of the cables, my laptop had limited or no connectivity, the other cable had the same problem.
    I put a ethernet cable tester on both and they are fine. When i connect them to the laptop and get the limited message and weird ip address (169.something) the light on the modem at the house comes on to say it has connected to something it just cant seem to allocate the ip address properly.
    I figured it was that the cable is too long but i have read numerous forums that say the cables can run up to 300 feet without signal loss.
    My next step is to try a new modem router and see if it is simply that the router cant send the signal that far without degradation, its a long shot but i guess its worth a try.

    I will let you know if i have any success.

  5. Hi,

    have you been successful in solving the problem with the cable connectivity in meantime? I am realy curious as I experienced the some kind of limited connectivity with longer cable.
    Thanks for any advice.

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