Graphics Card for e4600

I have the following setup at the moment

Core2 Duo e4600 @ 3GHz (Overclocked)
500W PSU
9600gt 512MB

I was wondering what the most worthwhile GPU purchase would be for me? 6770? 6850? Would my dated CPU be a bottleneck for either of the two cards? My budget is $150
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  1. depends on the game. if its a more gpu intensive game than you wont notice much of a bottleneck.
    but id just get the 6770. i have a 5770 (same card really) in a computer with a e6750 at 3.2 GHz and they seem like a perfect match. so getting a 6850 for your system would be stretching it. but you never really know until you try it or research it.
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