Why are X79 mobo's so expensive

I wanted to do a new build using the new Intel X79 chipset with a socket 2011. I was surprised at the prices compared to the current Z68 chipset, there pretty much was no motherboard starting under 200 dollars. So what I wanted to know is why is the new X79 boards so much more than the old Z68? What added features do they have that makes them start so much higher?
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  1. More bandwith, faster ram, better parts etc. etc.
  2. amuffin said:
    More bandwith, faster ram, better parts etc. etc.

    Actually it comes down to one thing caused by two parts: more layers. The more layer needed for a mobo, the higher the cost and a X79 mobo has more layers due to the two extra memory channes and 4 extra DIMM slots and as well the extra PCIe lanes.

    Added features are Quad channel DDR3 vs dual channel DDR3, 40 PCIe 3.0 lanes vs 20 PCIe 2.0 (3.0 if a Gen3 Z68) lanes and more SATA 6GB possible, I think the server boards have like 10 SAS/SATA 6GB/s.
  3. i see...^^
  4. So how is this going to affect us consumers. As a gaming enthusiast I don't mind but what about for non enthusiast and what about OEM computers?
  5. OEM's have the bare minimal, but for consumers or enthusiasts x79 is the high end stuff.
  6. Yea but will OEM's use the X79 or Z68? Also then do you think most non enthusiast will stick with the older but cheaper Z68 boards. I don't think non enthusiast would be willing to spend so much on just a motherboard.
  7. Most oem now use P67. Then again that is why x79 is an "enthusiast" processor family, where as z68 is the consumer end.
  8. O I was under the impression that X79 would be like Z68, that is they would have different levels for all consumers from low budget builds to high end gaming. I didn't know the X79 was pretty much being marketed to just enthusiast.
  9. That's why the i7-3930k and 3960X are on x79, not z68
  10. O yea I forgot about that.
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