Ati 5850 xfire flickeringhey guys

Hey guys, new to the fourm but long time user, recently (4 days ago) I crossfired two ATI 5850's. Everything was going fantastic until I downloaded the latest drivers (had like 10.9). I have dual monitors and the screen began to flicker. I uninstalled the drivers and reinstalled. The flickering continues. At one point it occurred at idle (windows) but it had one time went into crysis 2. The flickering is not permenant. It comes and goes, they are not oc'd sometimes it stops immediately if I disable a display... Also the monitors are ONLY in the master. Here is my rig if it helps
I7 930
Crossfired ATI 5850/xfx 5850
Corsair 850w ps
8g RAM
Windows 7 64
Asus p6t se
Asus xonar 7.1

Any help would be great
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  1. Also to note I've read here and elsewere it could be due to ccc overdrive I have not tried to disable that yet but any other brainstorming would be useful.
  2. Also I haven't removed the card (slave) or bridge for crossfire yet if that helps
  3. yes i have found some of the same issues with my setup.

    enabling / disabling crossfire does NOT solve the issue.
    i have found its pretty well exclusive to having multiple displays.

    i found it gets better if you install something like sapphire trixx or MSI afterburner and lock in your clock speeds to prevent the cards cycling down to save power.
  4. generally only happens for me in a 2d enviro,

    web pages, desktop, movies
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