Black screen at windows logon

So earlier this week i had a stick of ram go bad. Figured this out because i tried swapping them around and still got the beep code error, so i took one out and it started up perfectly.

So i ordered new ram of course. 8 gigs crucial Ballistix sport ram. got it today and was super excited.

threw it in and started it up and it went strait to startup repair, hmm. okay that is not what i told it to do but okay i let it run and then told it to restart and it did the same thing so i look at the page to see what it was that was wrong. It told me that i had a corrupt cng.sys file and it could not be fixed. searched around on line and they said that i may need to run startup repair from the original install disc. so I did. same thing nothing fixed.

So i go and try to put the old stick of ram in that i know is working and everything starts up good till i get to the login menu. where you put in your password and user name. the screen is completely black except for the cursor, the ease of access button in the bottom left, the windows 7 logo in the middle bottom, and the shutoff/ restart button in the bottom right.

Now i know that i have some sort of file corrupt that is not going to allow me to log into the computer at all. tried safe mode, it took me strait to startup repair. tried to reinstall windows completely and it told me that A required CD/DVD drive device driver is missing and please insert it now.

by the end of this i have come to the conclusion that i have one stick of the old ram that is bad and one stick of new ram that is bad, and i have a corrupted file.

0x0000007e (0xc0000005, 0x8bb69f1f, 0x839976d0, 0x839972b0)

^^^ this is a code that i have gotten today from the blue screen of death. dont know what to do with all those error codes.

Any help is much appreciated, and even if someone could tell me what is wrong when i am trying to reinstall windows i would settle for that at this point in time.

Thanks, Zach
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  1. Hi,
    What's the SATA setting in BIOS, AHCI or IDE? Are you installing from DVD or USB? And what motherboard?
  2. Hey sorry, what ended up happening is the copy of windows that i had was bad so i got a new copy and i reinstalled.

    Thanks for your reply though
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