I have 4GB ram but dont no why only 3 GB works

Hello,i bought a pc recently ,and my installed ram is 4 gb but when i check my pc,s properly i wonder y it shows 2.99 gb ram installed
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  1. 1gb of ram goes to windows.
  2. Your using a 32 bit operating system, I guess windows xp or vista/7 32 bit edition. This means that it can only ever address about 3.3gb~ of RAM even if you put 8/16/32GB in it will only ever appear as though you have 3gb in a 32 bit OS. Get 64bit and you'll see and be able to use it all.
  3. This has been talked a lot. 32-bit Windows can use only 4GB of addresses, including PCI space. So even if you have 4GB of RAM, 0.5 to 1GB will be reserved because of PCI devices. In W7 SP1 x86 (32bit), MS has decided to falsely report 4GB of RAM to avoid this question.
  4. Not exactly true. A better explanation:

    miten, I am guessing you have a 32 bit version of Windows.

    The simplest and most reliable way around the problem is to upgrade to a 64 bit OS.
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