New Gaming Rig

Building a new gaming rig for around 1.1K

Anyone have any major objections with the following, or is anything incompatible?

Prices are in Australian $ from my local shops - can't do newegg :(

Monitor - Samsung 23" S23A300B - $169
Case - Lancool K62 - $99
Mouse - G500 - $69
Keyboard - ? - $15
Mobo - Asus P8P67 - $112
CPU - Core i5 2400 - $188
PSU - Antec Earthwatts 650W - $99
Gfx - Powercolour HD 6870 - $168
RAM - G.Skill Ripjaws-X F3-12800CL9D-8GBX - $52
HDD - Caviar Green 1TB - $99

Total - $1070


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  1. I'd bump up to the i5 2500k. It's $20 more and still within budget but gives you a lot more room for OC, even if you don't think you'll want to now, it's a good option.
  2. All good but the hard drive. Samsung, Seagate or Hitachi (in that order). Enjoy that rig!
  3. Will consider the CPU upgrade, but I think I'll stick with the HDD, Western Digital hasn't failed me thus far. Any specific reason why I should choose another, or is it just preference?
  4. The WD will be noticably slower and have a higher failure rate. It may serve you just fine though...
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