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so i got this eVGA GTX 560 Ti Superclocked and when i plug it in, my pc doesn't go past the initial boot screen and it doesn't show the amount of ram currently installed. my motherboard is a Foxxcon Flaming Blade GTI. this problem does not emerge when i install my old graphics card ( Zotac 9800 GT Synergy edition) any suggestions?
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  1. what is your power supply?

    One of the things it could be is that your PSU is not strong enough to handle that card (it is VERY VERY VERY power hungry compared to your old card). This means that it could be basically maxing out just trying to run your Card and then not supplying any voltage to other parts of the computer (or not enough) causing crashes and instability.
  2. My psu is a Cooler Master 650 GX. i think its more than enough. The only thing that popped in my head was the psu. I read the manual and it said it needs a 500W 32A psu, and mine is a 650W 52A psu. so i think thats not it...
  3. Just to run through the basics , you do have it plugged into the first pci-e slot , you do have the power cables plugged into the card, how old is the power supply and did you uninstall the old card you had and power off and unplug the power supply. Sometimes a motherboard can be looking for the component that was plugged in if you don't do a proper removal or uninstall.
  4. i did all the above^ and i actually know what im doing
    its making me nuts.
    but should i uninstall the display drivers before i plug in my new card? coz i think its not OS related
  5. shows my CPU and mobo logo and then..... Freeze
  6. Clear the CMOS, install the old graphics card, upgrade to the latest BIOS, Install the 560Ti, ensure that everything is properly installed and plugged as it should be and see how it goes.
    If finally still the same problem, try the GPU in another PC.
  7. will share the results. thanks for the replies.
  8. 500w power supply with a +12v current rating of 30a . This is the power supply rating requirement that the 560ti has. Your power supply has a +12v rating of 52a so that should be enough unless you have an unusual amount of things in your computer that require power. Fans, water cooling, overclocking. You may have to reset your bios or update it. If in the end nothing that we suggest works then it could be the power supply.

    Looking at a similar PSU by Cooler Master, I wouldn't be surprised if you got a crappy PSU from them that can't handle it. Otherwise, yes, you should remove old drivers first, before trying to instal a new card.
  10. Maybe the card is bad. Have you tried it in another system? You had a working system. Then you swapped a part and had problems. Look to the new part first.
  11. tested another 560 ti with updated bios and the same thing happens again. im not quite sure about the power supply being crappy coz i've got an even crappier motherboard...
    so we assume ive got both a crappy mobo and a psu, what do you guys suggest for a budget oriented psu and mobo for gaming? coz i had it with these chinese ***!
  12. unfortunately a bit hard without knowing the budget

    I wouldnt want to put that cpu / gpu in budget mobo or be powered by budget psu, maybe thats just me

    try these for size..

    Asrock P67 PRO3 SE
    ASRock P67 EXTREME4

    CORSAIR Enthusiast Series TX650
    Antec EarthWatts EA-650 GREEN 650W

  13. my cpu is a core i7 930 so i'll be looking for a X58 mobo not p67. and my budget would be 500 dollars max for both psu and mobo. if i cant get anything reliable with this budget, ill wait. time to get a little bit more enthusiastic (or shall we say logical) with my choice of hardware.
  14. i doubt the psu is the problem. the power draw on a gpu during boot is minimal. underpowered cards dont tend to show they are underpowered until they go to flex their muscle. ie in a game.
  15. you wont have any problems replacing both (if needed) for that budget

    bugger: i cant get my hard worked sig to display any tips ?
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