Extreme Burn on Motherboard


I was wondering if someone would be able to tell me what may have caused this. I will list the history of the MB.

-3-4 months shy of 3 years
-Last item installed was an SSD about a year ago
-Only open the case to clean out dust and that has been over 3 months ago
-I normally leave the computer on
-I do not Overclock

I smelled something awful and tracked it to the computer. The computer was off so I knew something was wrong. I opened the side of the case and noticed the burn.

Here is an image

Thank you for any insight.
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  1. Sorry- This is an ASUS P6X58D Premium LGA 1366 Intel X58

    Link to MB

    Also, there was nothing in that white PCI slot that is burnt from whatever fried.

    Here is an image of the area that burned up. This is not my Motherboard but identical. You can kind of see the parts that fried. One has a P on it.
  2. I sent the board into ASUS. The response I got back was that my Video Card burnt that spot therefore they will not warranty it. Is that possible since my video card is 4 slots away from where the chip was burnt?
  3. What was plugged into the black plug really close to the burn? USB?
  4. smeezekitty said:
    What was plugged into the black plug really close to the burn? USB?

    There was nothing in the FireWire port.
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    That is quite strange. One of the dead parts might me a diode and I am not sure about the other. Looks like there was a fair bit of smoke though.

    I doubt that a video card caused that but it is possible.
    I would look closely at your video card and look for any possible burns or damage. Beyond that I am out of ideas.
  6. Thanks Smeeze, yeah I am going to just pay for a repair. Apparently another Asus tech looked at it and verified it was the video card. I still don't agree but who knows. They said not to put the video card back in so I guess I better get a new one on order. It looks 100% fine but I hate to risk it. As long as everything else is ok, I will be happy. Thanks again for your replies.
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