Best performance + quiet under $200?

I built a system from some freebie parts including a used case and a couple of older GPUs in SLI. It is louder than the deck of an aircraft carrier. I've ordered a quiet case fan, and I'm going to swap out the GPUs. Any suggestions for the best balance of fast + quiet under $200? Maybe favoring quiet a little. Thanks!
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  1. with under 200 i would recommend a hd 6870 or gtx 560( non-ti) or you could find a good deal on hd 6950 1gb or gtx 560 ti with that price AR, for the hd 6870 i say the xfx 2 fans model or
    the cheapest 6870 i can find is this powercolor : $139+ shipping AR
    or the sapphire 6870 for $149 AR free shipping
  2. 6850 or the 6870.
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