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i have my geforce 210 1gb and i have a problem,,im using windows 7 32 bit.,when i first installed my graphic card then i tried to make a review on my system rating, at first it says that my gaming graphics is on 5.5 then my graphics rating is 4.0...
then when i restart my pc again i check my system rating again then it went down to 3.9 to my graphics,and my gaming graphics went down to 4.3 hows that??
:cry: can anybody help me..,?
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  1. whats your specs just make sure that your card is not bottlenecked
  2. It sounds like a bottleneck like assassin said, Whats your full specs?
  3. full specs needed as mentioned above

    did you install the (correct) driver for your card?
    Is the geforce 210 an upgrade / replacement for a graphics card that came with your system?

  4. heres my specs guys..
    AMD SEMPROM 140 PROCESSOR 2.75 GHZ,1 GB MEMORY RAM,AND A NEW NVIDIA GEFORCE 210 1GB,, my video card is brand new and its my first tym installing it.,,
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