3x1GB DDR2-667 vs 4x1GB DDR2-266

Long story short, I ended up with the above mix of RAMs. I have a Win7SP1 32 bit machine with 4 RAM sockets max 8GB. I am not sure which mix of RAMs is better overall for normal use with some non-demanding games (steam). I know the 3x1GB mix will not run dual channel unlike the 4x1GB mix.

However, will 4GB dual channel symmetric at 266Mhz triumph over 3GB dual channel asymmetric at 667Hhz?
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  1. If your 4gB is really 266MHz then 3gB will be way better. I don't think that the speed will be that low. Please reassure
  2. Sorry, seems HWINFO gave me wrong readings. I physically inspected the RAMs and I got it now. Many thanks for your reply.
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