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I need advice on my motherboard and graphics card. For the motherboard the PCI x16 slot is on the bottom and will be right above the power supply so I'm afraid that if I put my card in it it will cause heating issues. I wanted to know if there is any differents between me putting the card into the x8 vs the x16 slot. And if someone could explain the main differences between the x16, x8, and x4 slots that would be very helpful. Thanks
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  1. The x8 slot will work with little degradation but I am not sure if it can be primary. Normally it is used with something in the x16. It would help to post specs.
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    The main difference is the bandwidth, but I think you're probably mistaken about the x16 being closest to the power supply. Usually, the slots with more lanes are closer to the cpu.

    Edit: I checked the online manual, and the x16 slot is the closest long pci-e slot to the cpu, the next closest is the x8, and the one at the bottom of the motherboard is the x4 slot.
  3. You are right I was mistaken. When I was looking at the motherboard on newegg the photo showed where the slots are but the way it has them listed a thought it was x16, x8, and x4 starting from the bottom up, but I just looked and its actually x4, x8, and x16 from the bottom up. Thanks for helping me see that. :)
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