Can a wireless router reset itself?

Today my sisters netbook lost its wifi connection. I fixed it by going to the routers ip address. the name had changed to "wireless" and the wep keys were all set to 11111111111111111111111111111111. Did someone break in or could the router just have malfuctioned? Oh its a netgear router.
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  1. i do not think there is default WEP key.

    do you have remote administration enabled?

    log into your router and change you admin password, then change your wireless mode from WEP to WAP2 and set a strong passkey like !!p4ssw0rd@@.

    make sure remote administration is disabled.
  2. There was a WEP key before. The Network name changed from its given name (the one the cable installers created) to "wireless" and the WEP key he gave us didn't work anymore.
  3. WEP is not that strong - I agree with Emerald you make sure remote administration is disabled. First thing you should do is change the router's name and password. But according to Emerald suggestion make sure to check your sister netbook if supports WAP2 before setting it.
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