Opinion on best Mid-range $150-$200 board

I've been asking around on this forum about differences in boards and if I wanted to get a good mid-range board. This will be used for gaming.

1) What board in the best in your opinion.

2) What type of features am I looking for in a good mid-range board.

3) Do mid-range users normally overclock? Should I be overclocking?
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  1. I also saw that people put "intergrated graphics" in the options in other posts. Is this if i don't plan on using a graphics card or to help boost my graphics performance?
  2. Anyone?
  3. For what socket/cpu?
    It impossible to recommend something without knowing it.
  4. I was more curious as to basic features. I have another thread on this forum about features and people talked about # of SATA, being able to handle higher frequencies of RAM, USB3.0 availability, but I was wondering on the I/O side and just basics like why someone would want 4-5 PCIe slots etc. Thank you for the time you are taking to educate me.
  5. You need to tell for what cpu/socket, if it's for lga 1155, 2011, am3/3+ etc...
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