Quadro 600 Dual Monitors - Dual Graphic Cards?


My first post so apologies in advance if I don't follow protocol on something.

I'm having a hard time figuring out a solution to add an extended monitor with my Nvidia Quadro 600:
1 DVI Port
1 DisplayPort

I have two monitors with DVI connections. I searched online for DVI to DisplayPort adapters and found some around $30 but some issues were fixed resolution and not being compatible etc so does not sound like a good fix.

I do have a second video card (ATI Radeon 4770 HD) which supports two DVI connections so I guess I can swap cards but before I go that route I'm curious if I would be able to use both cards (Quadro 600 & Radeon 4770) at the same time.

Gigabyte X58A-UDxR

Thank you for looking in to this.

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  1. FYI - UPDATE:

    In meantime I went ahead and connected both video cards Nvidia Quadro 600 & Radeon 4770 HD to motherboard and connected both of my monitors thru DVI Connections (one monitor to each video card) and all appears to be working ok so I will just leave it this way.


  2. UPDATE:
    My first computer crash which happened after half a day of connecting two separate video cards to my PC so not going this route.

    I'm trying to find out if I can simply buy a cable or adapter which has a DP connector from my PC to a DVI connector on my monitor or if I have to get a cable with an adapter or converter.

    Would my video card automatically convert to proper signal if I go with option 1 or do I need option 2?

    Option 1 - DP Displayport male To DVI-D female Adapter Cable 20cm (Approx $10.00)
    Option 2 - BizLink DisplayPort 0XT625 to DVI-D Dual Link Adapter Cable (approx $80.00)

    Video Card: Nvidia Quadro 600 - Has DisplayPort
    Monitor: Samsung SyncMaster 2053BW - Has DVI Connector

    Best regards,

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