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120hz monitor

Hey guys and gals,

im interested in goin to a 120hz monitor, but there is so much mixed info and not to mention prices, that i am serously confused.
im running a gtx580 and 3d is not really what im looking for, just a good fast 120hz monitor.
any suggetions or thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. im buying a 120hz monitor and the one im going for is the benq xl2410t
  2. that review dont look to good lol but ive heard that the LG one has faults like pixel and faulty problems thats the cheapest of 120hz monitors i was gonna buy that ages ago but something stopped me :D
  3. Quick question: do a 120hz in 2D makes any REAL difference?
    I got one 3d monitor (120hz) but truth be spoken, I don't get any difference when playing in 2d
  4. i dont want it for 3d i just want a fast monitor for gaming mostly fps games
  5. are you using proper cables and KNOW it is running in 120hz? ive read there is alot of confusion with that, which is why i had to ask lol

    @phippsy same here not over interested in 3d
  6. Check your ports too HDMI 1.4a and DisplayPort 1.2 support 120hz out of the box.

    Older DVI cards must be duallink Capable AND Enabled. Is very specific to your system.

    Also almost shure you monitor came with a utility to launch games with 120hz/ 3D active. For example TriDef3D and that need to be configured too.
  7. phippsy said:
    i dont want it for 3d i just want a fast monitor for gaming mostly fps games

    I know, I get it.
    Just want to know if there is a REAL difference between playing 60hz, or 120hz. Do human eyes gets this difference?
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    Relating Refresh ratio to shuttering/ Frame rate is a common mistake fron the old days of CRTs.

    Now is a diferent thing.The higer the bandwith the more things the monitor electronics will be able to do more fancy things

    Is like saying 1080i is a interlaced while 1080p is not. Except from the early and very rare HD CRTs NONE of the LCD/Plasmas interlace.They all are progresive and display at his internal native resolution

    But 1080i standard have lower banwidth than 1080p that is used in Higher resolutions, faster refreshes, subfield enancements,etc.

    Let´s say you have a card then can run a game at 75 FPS. It´s whorthy ?
    Depends on your monitor a 1080i can not display the frames as fast as they are rendered. A 1080P monitor can EVEN IF RUN THE SAME NATIVE RESOLUTION.

    The same principle applies to 120HZ displays except that is more complex because you use the extra bandwith to more fancy stuf like, more bits per color, alternate frame display, Extrahiger resolutions, several motions subfield compensators and of course display 3D.

    SO getting back to the question
    Do human eyes gets this difference?

    Shure i can see the difference bewteen 3D and 2D blue rays.More colors on screen? I think so but mostly depends on your age. Statics displays look rock solid to me even@50hz.Unshure for people who works all the day in the computer.

    A 120Hz will show 120 FPS ?
    Probably they could if matched with a fast card but is more likely they will be used smarter than that after all at 120hz you can send 1 frame but also can send 2 for alternate display that will be view as @60hz but is NOT, is sended at 120hz. Or add more detailed gradient colors using more bits per color. That will be view as @75hz but is NOT, is sended at 120hz.

    In short 120hz MAY display 120 FPS but not necesarely, in fact is almost never used that way but yes the difference can be percibed by my tired eyes.
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