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I'm having a real hard time figuring out this thing mainly because I honestly am learning about motherboards. I was really into GPU's and basically building PC's and never paid attention to what i used as a motherboard because I just bought whatever was in my budget.

Computers and Motherboards have changed a lot since I built them back since tnt2 and i'm trying to learn now as per my other posts, so with that, it seems most of the decision is made on Brand/Features/Price. What features do people look for, what should I look for? I know its a broad question because we have so many sects of users but lets say high medium low users, what should I be looking for. Most likely i'm going to be in the high range because i have funds but would like to learn.

Thanks guys.
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  1. The big question is what are you using the computer for?

    Serious gaming plus overclocking= Z77(1155) X79(2011)
    But there are dozens of current intel chipsets, see here:
    On the AMD side you have the APU series (FM1/2) for multimedia and medium gaming and the 970/990 chipsets for more serious gaming. Fanboys of both sets are present in the forums. Both sets have strengths and weaknesses.
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