Linksys router hard wired to 2 PCs one working one not

Hello,we have two desktop Pc's both hard wired to a Linksys router. One P.C is on Windows 7 system the other is on Vista. The windows 7 is connecting O.K. The one on Vista is showing " Does not have a wireless network adaptor, install & configure. The Vista P.C. was working O.K. a couple of days ago.Also not connecting to a laptop from the host computer on the Vista system Any suggestions how to sort this problem. Thanks
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  1. Your heading appears to be at odds with the text under it. Is this a wired system or wireless ?

    Check Windows Control Panel, System, Hardware, Device Manager and see if the wireless adapter is present or yellow flagged. Could be a driver problem.

    Is that wireless adapter PCI or USB ?

    To save confusion I am not going to attempt to address the laptop problem.
  2. As you have stated that the non-connecting computer is hard wired to the router, but the error message refers to the wireless, I would start by checking your adapters (Control Panel > Network and Sharing Center > Change Adapter Settings). What adapters are listed there, and are any errors indicated?
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