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Graphics card 6pin or molar 4pin connecter?

graphics card im going to buy is powered by 2 six pin power connecters, but my power supply has only 1 six pin connector.

my power supply that i own right now

if i use the 4pin molar connecters to my graphics card will that slow the performance of the card?

or should i use one 6 pin connecter and 2 molar connecters?
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  1. It "shouldn't".

    That's not to say that it won't, though. Cooler Master is notoriously known to provide very cheap PSU's that don't actually perform to the specs it has on the box. If you start getting problems with your card and you are not getting good performance in games, the PSU is the first thing I would look at and replace.

    Otherwise, as long as it is getting all the requried amps and wattage, you should be fine.
  2. so should i use one 6pin pci-express connecter and a adapter that turns a 6 pin into a 4pin molex?

    or should i just use all molex adapter?

    im just confused on what connecter to use since i only have one pci-express connecter
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    Use the 6pin (since you have one) and an adapter for the second 6pin. My cards both came with adapters (although I didn't need to use them), but if yours doesn't, you can pick one up. I think you'll need 2x 4pin molex connectors for 1x 6pin adapter.

    Like phishy said, as long as you have enough 12v amps, it really shouldn't matter.

    edit: Looking at your link, the card comes with 2 adapters.
  4. yeah thanks il use one 6pin and an 4pin molex adapter for the second one
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