Unknown debvice in device manager

Hi, i have an issue to deal with that doesn't seem to be affecting system performance (i think) but is rather anoying.

In device manager i have a device listed under "other Devices" "Unknown Device" when i try to find out what this device is that is were my problem lies Windows cant identify it so cant find drivers, all the devices i have plugged into the system are listed and show as working properly.
the devices location is listed as on "PCI standard ISA bridge" which would lead me to beleive it is something pluged ito a PCI slot????????????

The only devices i have are 2x Nvidia Geforce 7950 GX2 graphis Cards (PCI-E X16 slots 1 and 2), a Tenda 300mbps Wi Fi card (PCI 2), ( 2x PCI-E x1 both empty, PCI 1 is empty and blocked by the lower graphics card as it is a double thickness card). both of which are listsed and working properly. :o

My Mobo is a MSI P4N SLI EX MS-7203 V1.x, fitted with a Pentium D 3.4Ghz.
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  1. "PCI standard ISA bridge"

    This is a interface between the PCI bus and the ISA bus on the motherboard. The ISA bus is really obsolete right now, and this would be a none issue for you unless you happened to find a ISA card to plug into your ISA slot(s). The main issue for you however is that your motherboard is pretty obsolete and the drivers for it haven't been updated for it in quite some time.
  2. The motherboard has no ISA slots, I have updated all drivers, BIOS etc through msi's own website some of which are as new as dec 2011. The only thing I can possibly put my finger on is the msi sli selector, both graphics cards are listed in device manager but I'm not sure if they are working in sli mode.
  3. Some things are still routed as ISA however, like timers/clock/bios etc.
    I have no experiance with SLI cards, but if its like AMD/ATI then the utility for controlling your video cards will tell you if they are in SLI or not(we AMD guys have catalyst control)
    But however, ISA has nothing to do with SLI.
  4. Hi all, problem solved I replaced the CMOS battery to solve another issue and the unknown device disappeared in device manager, still not sure what is was mind :o
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