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Question about G.SKILL ram

I been looking at tomshardware 2000$ build, and for 2 month or maybe more they been using the g.skill ares,

Some how they able to overclock that ram to 2133 mhz, i know theres not much dif between 1600 and 2133, but having the ability to do so is advantageous,

So does the ram is that good? How about other g.skill ram?(sniper etc..)
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    Ares are good low profile ram sticks. I considered it at first but i went for corsair vengence ones.

    Sniper, Ripjaws etc may be better for Overclocking because it does have larger heatsinks.
  2. Just after few hours after this post, i went to a little chat with a it shop owner, i will be getting the ares,i want the vengeance but it sold out in my area, thank u btw~

    Ares still A overcloking beast
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