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Hi.. I have a PC which has a core2 quad q9400 cpu, 500watt psu, 4gb ddr3 kingston hyperX ram and G41M-P25 msi motherboard.. I already own 2 graphics cards.. The nvidia 9800GT 1gb ddr3 (600cc 900mc DX10 support) and an ati radeon 5570 1gb ddr3 (650cc 900mc DX11 support).. The fisrt one is a bit higher in benches, but the second one supports DX11.. So my problem is which one is better to use in my system???
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  1. DX11 has some nicer graphics, but the 9800GT will run faster,, kinda one or the other situation,, I would say if the 5570 runs everything you want to play well enough, to go with that as it has better media playback capabilities as well and more power efficient,, if it is borderline and you don't care so much about DX11 - go with the 9800
  2. id say the 9800gt as the new features in dx11 are very hard on the graphics card and you wont be able to appreciate them properly with a 5570, for instance tesselation would probably slow your games to a crawl
  3. Hm.. So the scor till now is 1-1..;)
  4. if you got any money spare pick up a 5770/6770 or a gtx460 both are muchMUCH better than the two you have now
  5. How much do these cost? In reallity that period i would't like to spent more money on this system..
  6. a 5770/6770 is under $100/£100 but has roughly 2.5x the performance of the 5570
    its a legitamate gaming graphics card and will run everything if youre careful with the settings
    itll last you a few years in to the future
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