761GX-M754 V:3.0A no audio

This mother board will not give any audio. and when I try and install the audio drivers the program haults and sys it can't find the driver. No matter what directory and sub directory I try or what setup program to install the driver it always ends the same can't find the driver. I have never had such a problem putting in a driver in all my 35 years of using and programming computers.
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  1. The first thing you may want to try is to ensure that your OS is up to date on all system updates. Assuming you're using Windows 7, navigate your way to Action Center by going to:

    Start -> Control Panel -> System and Security -> Action Center

    Select on the option (On the bottom-left hand corner) that says "Windows Update". It will show you any mandatory or optional updates that are available. As the name entails for you, an "optional" update is not necessary. A mandatory (or important) update is necessary in order to keep all of your system's applications and services running properly. Restart your computer after all updates are installed.

    If this does not work, try this: Remove your sound card and delete any audio drivers that may already be installed. This means checking to ensure that there aren't any previous drivers installed from any previous cards, to include your motherboard. Once this is done, insert the disc into the optical drive and install the drivers directly from the disc. Once this is done, turn off the computer, install the sound card, and boot it up again.

    If it is still giving you issues after this, go into Device Manager. Assuming you're using Windows 7, you can get there by going to:

    Start -> Right-click "Computer" -> Properties -> Device Manager

    Find your audio device (Under "Sound, video and game controllers") and right-click the device. Select "Update Driver Software" and elect to search the internet for available updates. Let it run. If there are any updates to your sound device, install them and restart your computer.

    Let me know if any of these steps fixes your problem! If it doesn't work we'll try something else to get it fixed.
  2. Sorry I should have said the O/S was XP and I should have said it was a onboard sound card. But the computer was also saying to plug in the sound card again and re-start. I deleted all the drivers and then it would not reload them and said it could not find the drivers on the disc. I went out and bought a sound card and plugged it in and still the same thing. My conclusion was the on board sound card part of the mother board was damaged in some way to the extent that the PCI plug in wouldn't read either. I ended up trashing the motherboard for a newer one (but still old style). I Need to have a motherboard that has an IDE socket for the old drives as I have very special software that only will run on the real XP and I need a computer that can run the old drives (which I have several spares) And Windows 7 in compatible mode is not compatible and will not run the software, tried that. Microsoft did that on purpose to push people into the next level of their software and hence make more money on them again.

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